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Welcome to North Borneo Creations blog. You will find a wide collection of handmade accessories by the indigenous people for sale here. All of this handmade collections are all uniquely handcrafted by the people in Borneo. New items will be added from time to time so please do come back again.
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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

#0005 Pearls & Crystal. Price: RM 15.00 @ $ 4.00

Product Description:  A beautiful handmade pearl and crystal wristlace.  
Availability : Anytime based on order. 
Price: RM 15.00 @ $ 6.00 USD
a. Payment through Paypal: sunduvan@yahoo.com.my
b. Payment through Bank: HONNY UKUNG - 160063003757 (MayBank)

Order format: Please use the below format when making your order. And e-mail it to sunduvan@gmail.com

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Delivery via postage only.

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